Capture your adventure

in 8K or 4K cinematic fashion

Adventure Film

Let us come along side you to film your epic adventure and create a cinematic film all shot in 8K or 4K Ultra High Definition for you to show off to your family, friends, and co-workers.

Let the world see the trail blazer and renegade that you truly are. Whatever your adventure is, we’ll come along with you and work with you to capture the essence and purpose of the adventure. Whether it’s a scuba diving, white water rafting, hiking, climbing, sailing, racing, family vacation, reunion, whatever it may be we’ll be right there with you to capture all the best moments. We’ll ask you all about what you’ll be doing and what you want us to capture but we’ll also be there to capture many of the random, unpredictable things that can and will happen. In the end we’ll compile all the footage into a cinematic film for you to show off to everyone.

Cinematic Documentary Film

There are many lesser known extraordinary people out there, and we can help you tell their story.

If someone you know has an incredible story, we’d like to hear it and have the opportunity to work with you to tell it. Whether it’s a grandparent who served in WWII, a teacher or coach who has always gone way beyond the norm, someone who committed an incredible act of bravery, or a humble hero, whatever the person and their story, we’d love to have the opportunity to tell it to the world. We will work with you to create a cinematic documentary where we combine the footage we shoot of people, places and things as well as interviews we conduct, to then intertwine that with old pictures, videos, and more that you provide. The result is a wonderful cinematic tribute to this wonderful beloved person.

Video Time Capsule

For new parents, it’s a world of unknowns. What better gift to give to your child than to try to predict their future.

We’ll work with you to record your prediction for each major milestone for your child, how their life is at that time, how they are feeling, how you are feeling, what you’re envisioning is happening at that time. We’ll have you predict the major events of your child’s life such as each birthday, first steps, first words, first day of school, special religious events, high school graduation, off to college, college graduation, first heartbreaking breakup with that significant other that “we didn’t like anyway,” engagement, wedding, first child, and more.

Video Conversion & Digital Archive

Convert old 8mm and VHS tapes to digital and keep them in a digital library on Vimeo.

8mm and VHS tapes age with time and often become unusable resulting in precious memories lost, especially VHS tapes. Many VHS tapes shot in the 80’s are becoming unusable now. All you need to do is get those tapes to us safely and securely. We’ll then get to work on converting them to digital. What we can then do is create a digital archive whether it’s for your family, business or something else so that everyone can sit and watch those old home made movies once again.

Footage Editing

Have footage from an adventure, trip, vacation, or honeymoon but need help editing it all?

We can do it for you! All you need to do is get us the footage you have, tell us what your vision is, and we’ll get to work on putting together a 3-5 minute (or longer by request) film which captures your vision and the spirit of your trip.

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